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When crisis strikes

Mike Wilson illustrates Biblical perspectives regarding personal tragedy.

When a crisis of adversity hits, does the Bible offer any help? It may be a major health challenge, the death of a loved one, or economic turmoil. Do Christians have any advantages? In this series, Mike Wilson explores...

  • How Christians benefit from a God-given support system
  • Biblical coping mechanisms
  • Life-changing perspectives from Scripture

Mike's strong knowledge of the Bible has been tested by hardships of life.  He has lost many loved ones, including his first wife of 29 years, who passed away exactly six years to the very day of her diagnosis of breast cancer. His second wife lost her first husband suddenly to cardiac failure.  He is no stranger to severe turmoil, so his lessons will combine some personal illustrations with scriptural principles.  We know that all who hear him speak on these topics will benefit greatly.

Lesson 1: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Lesson 2: Biblical Coping Mechanism
Lesson 3: God's Unrevealed Commands
Lesson 4: Why Christians Suffer
Lesson 5: Perseverance and Prayer
Lesson 6: No Tears in Heaven